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I just finished my first full day of “A Woman’s Affair,” a trade-show showcasing anything interested parties (sellers) think a woman might buy.

I went this morning to sit behind a table as Gordian Knot Productions, and offer books and my workshop. I was feeling self-conscious again about being pregnant and “preaching” on this, so on my further explanation that I taped under my name-sign I put “Natural Pregnancy Achievement and Avoidance.” Putting the “achievement” part first, so I didn’t feel so weird.

I’ll be changing that for tomorrow. Back to the normal line on my business card: “Natural birth control and pregnancy achievement.” Not all that different, I know, but I noticed a number of people seemed to stop reading after the second word– or at least their comments indicated that. (”Don’t need another one of those!”)

Since I’ve always had more people interested in avoiding than achieving, I guess should just keep giving that side priority anyway…

Sold 2 books, signed-up two woman for the June workshop and told two military wives that if they could get five-friends together I’d set-up a special session for them (at 20%-off too) so they could have a bit more practice/experience by the time hubbies came back for R&R in July.

I’ve felt for a while that this deployment time is the perfect time for wives to learn FAM, and I’m very curious if the one lady will pull it off. Getting people together, I mean. She seemed pretty motivated.

Ordinarily (in theory at least) I’d only give the discount at a regularly scheduled class, but I liked the idea of motivating the gals to do some leg-work. And I felt a little guilty about how far away the next workshop is anyway. I’m hoping good comes of it. I guess by “good” I mean “results” or “income.”


Being at the show has been interesting. Most people walk right by. Some smile, if I catch tem looking at me, and three have enthusiastically bubbled their version of “You’re exacting what I’m looking for! Are you in-town?”

If I get one more sign-up for June (and they all follow-through, and actually pay and come), I’ll make back my table cost. I am hoping, too, that ‘the word’ will somehow be “out” more, about my work and me too.

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