The New Abortion Ban

What everyone (involved) hope/feared has begun coming true.

For the first time since 1973 a limitation on abortion has been upheld by the “new” Supreme Court.

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The largest (legal) objection to the ban on partial-birth abortion seems to be that there is no exception allowed for the woman’s health.

The supreme court concluded, as did the people who framed the law, that there are other methods of abortion that may guard a woman’s health if this became an issue.

I am one of those (in case there was any question) who believes the only exception for an abortion ban should be the threatened life of the mother.

The whole idea that abortion was illegal before the 1973 Supreme Court ruling is a misperception.

Coat hangers are propaganda.

There were health exceptions to the abortion ban before 1973, and “thoughtful” providers could code a woman at health-risk for something as survivable as emotional angst or fear, for which there are options besides abortion.

I now expect “the life of the mother” to be interpreted equally broadly, and so have no fear that a woman could actually die from lack-of-abortion in America.

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