The First 15 Days

There was a group I signed up for at the end of the year, inviting “30 days of hustle” to jump start the new year.  Each day we get a little (or not-so-little) to-do in our inbox, designed to encourage or nudge us farther on our path toward our goal.

Today, the 15th, is a “progress report” day. Since my goal was about establishing patterns and habits (in how I eat), I can’t really suggest a “bridge” between where I’m at and 100%, but the challenges have shaped the way I think about what I’m doing, so I’ll just run through what we’ve done so far, with my goal (eating patterns) as the example.

  1. The What: I have 3 food rules that I’ve been able to follow in the past, and they’ve been good for me. And they’re better than my not-thinking pattern.
  2. The Why: to remind myself I’m strong enough, and create habits that are conducive to dropping weight.
  3. The How — know ahead of time what I’m going to eat for the next meal, so I’m not surprised by my hunger.
  4. Pick something fun that advances your goal — A meal or two that is both fun and doesn’t offset my goals.
  5. When
    1. Macro– at the beginning o the year I made my perpetual menu so the big questions (Who is making dinner?) are answered.
    2. Micro– Daily I check the menu to verify what needs to come out of the freezer and check what sort(s) of snacks are available.
  6. Where — in the kitchen (is where I make food)
  7. Who (accountability & encouragement) — The kids know what I’m not eating and have adapted (“Mom! It’s the weekend! We’re having ice cream, right?!”) and Jay notices when I make an effort and shares encouraging words.
  8. Vision Time– Without a physical goal (that is, for this this area) I don’t really have anything to make a art board take physical pictures of. (I have an image of the kinds of clothes I want to wear, but since I’m focusing on eating patterns, not results right now, that’s still out of place.)
  9. Cut your goal in half.– This one I didn’t think I could do, and sort of thought I’d write off, since it wasn’t a quantitative goal. But then I looked at what I’d kept up with these nine days, and I realized that I’d been better (more-consistent) about my daily exercise than I was about writing down food. So I chose to cut that.
  10. Triggers (Name what will trip you up) — being hungry away from home. Seeing food I like when there’s not an alternative.
  11. Attack the triggers (If/Then statements)– If I get hungry away from home, then I’ll grab one of the nutbars I stashed in the glovebox. If I see food I can’t eat, then I’ll remind myself it’s never long until we’re home.
  12. Data collection — This was my food tracking, until I dropped that part. Now it’s fallen back to the scale, and days exercising, because that’s what I have.
  13. Who (has gone before) — Bearing (I don’t know her real name, which is funny when I’ve read so many posts. Either I keep missing it, or she planned it that long). She’s the first person I heard/read talk about focusing on behaviors (which one can control) rather than outcome, which you really can’t.
  14. Read a Book — I suppose I could read Beck, which Bearing recommended– or at least said she discovered at some point and found to be reasonable– but at this point I’m reading novels (!!!) GRIN.
  15. Check your progress– which, like I said, is sort of: aYup. Keepin’ up.

So there’s a start. The “official” push. But there’s other stuff going on, of course.

  • The novels
  • I’m also committed to staying gluten free from now out. Nothing good has ever come from going back on.
  • A non-fiction project that is just crazy crazy important, and I’m just letting sit and simmer while I psyche myself up to introduce it here. I expect I will begin “blogging a book” before the year’s end. I will start on my own, but if the content comes together and I feel brave enough, I’ll start posting it.

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