The Case Against Folding Underwear

(Yes, another meaningless post.  But at least this one’s short.)

I can find only two reasons to fold something:

  1. To minimize wrinkles, for a better look straight out of the drawer
  2. To make it take up less space

Looking at these criteria I can see no reason to fold underwear:

  1. Most underwear fits well enough that any wrinkles are gone (or nearly so) from the simple act of putting it on.  No one who cares about wrinkles will be seeing those underwear (Or they’d better not be…), even if they were wrinkled.
  2. Underwear is the only article of clothing I have yet noticed that takes up more space folded than otherwise.

That said, I do not begrudge you underwear-folders out there your choice; I just feel sorry for the women whose husbands insist on it for (as far as I can see) no logical reason.

There.  Aren’t you glad you took the time to read this.

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3 thoughts on “The Case Against Folding Underwear

  1. Thanks, I needed a laugh. My grandmother actually used to iron underwear, even mine… crazy! I still fold boxers but tend to ball mine up and toss them in the drawer.

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