The Best Laid Plans…

My computer is now en route to Dell for Doctoring.

Jay transferred my e-mail and Firefox to a stick that I am able to work off of, but apparently my novel and related documents (including the most-current version of my novel) are on a different stick that has been misplaced.

This has only served to be yet another strand between me and finishing my novel.

Before school starts, that is.

And if I don’t finish before school starts it will most-certainly be shelved until we get into our new routine (she said determinedly).

I have chosen a very demanding, high teacher-involvement course of study, and have determined (as a sort of shaping criterion) that I’d rather not have regrets.  So I’m planning in terms of What will I *wish* I had done?

Which, granted, is still very embryonic– since I’m not yet sure how I’ll implement everything I’d want to do.

This last month (June) has been very educational for me:

  • I’ve learned my life can be full enough to push out writing
    • I joined Weight Watchers. Relearning how to cook will fill a lot of your life.
  • I’ve learned I can put writing on hold
  • I’ve learned I can return, albeit with less passion and *need* to immerse myself to the exclusion of my world.
    • This could be good or bad, depending on your goals, but for where I’m at it is good, because “holding loosely” needs to be the MO for this season of my life, and when inclination seconds necessity, I rejoice.

I think all these things were preparation for homeschooling beginning for real next month.

Yes, Fairbanksans begin school in August. It means being done with first semester before Christmas, and out for summer in May.  This is good because, while “newness” will keep kids inside for the sunny days of August, there’s not much can keep Alaskan kids focused once the snow starts melting.

Anyway, one day to not have access is a relief in one way: I can focus on non-writing miscellanea for a bit, and fully focusing on the approaching life-change.

I feel like I’m pregnant again.

Not physically, but mentally.

I’m preparing for an utterly new stage that I simply could not accommodate before– but then, I didn’t need to before.

I am most certainly nesting. Preparing.  And it’s hard not to give in to Natasha’s and Melody’s entreaties to begin early.

But I am determined to wait until I’m as ready as I can be: all texts here, their timing lined out, and the reality check of instruction-hours vs. available hours completed before it runs us over, incapacitating or maiming us in its Joule-like enthusiasm.

If I can’t find the document stick today Jay will bring home a copy of my Lindorm folder from work.  He mirrored my drive before removing my personal stuff and sending it with the laptop off to Dell.

I’m sure my peaceful blandness about the project will be quickly dissolved tomorrow with the opportunity to work uninterrupted.  (The children will be playing with one of their adopted aunties all morning.) “If it is the Lord’s will,” I still think the novel could be ready for its testers before August, but I can’t stress about it any more.

I’ve got more important things to focus on. :)

6 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. It’s all about seasons and times, isn’t it.

    And self control, but you have that in much more abundance than I.

    Good luck in all that is coming!

  2. it is very much a birthing process. I think i’m in the epidural stage, just waiting for the fears and pains of editing to go away before I send out those first queries! Hopefully a week from Monday!

    Good luck with the homeschooling! I hear extreme organization helps!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing how you work writing back in after you’ve gotten in the swing of school, because I know that’s a stage I’ll hit in a few years.

  4. It’s found. I even got a chance ot work on it for a couple hours this morning while the kids were visiting friends.

    Done to page 190– almost half-way there by page count.

  5. Hi Amy Jane, I found you through Bluestocking…followed a comment you’d left on her blog. I think I’ve spent at least an hour here just browsing. I love your style, so easy to read, and the content – oh the content is wonderful! Your posts are full of so much wisdom, encouragement, wow…I’m loving it here. I didn’t know where to start commenting, I’d be here all night if I commented on each post. But I just had to drop you a line cos I’ve been so blessed, encouraged and challenged. Thankyou! :)

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