That poor third verse…

Does anyone else feel sorry for that neglected third verse in four-verse songs?

 It seems like it’s the consistent casualty in our culture’s affinity to 3s.

 (That’s one of my favorite things about the way my current church does hymns: we do *all* the verses.)

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4 thoughts on “That poor third verse…

  1. I first became aware of this when, as a child, my dad (he led the music, whatever church we were at) said, “And lets do all four verses this time. It’s always the third verse that gets left out.”

    And I watched ever-after, and never found it to be wrong.


    We do more than hymns, but I’m thankful to be in a church that still sees the value in some of the old songs.

  2. It’s true! It’s like a “moving of the Holy Spirit” when someone suggests we do all four (or five)! Lol.

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