So many books…

…so little time.

My Library has (as they say) joined the 21st century.

In addition to an on-line catalog and a list of my books (sorted by due date), the library now provides a means to renew and reserve materials on-line.

I have fallen in love with the reserve feature, as I’ve been looking for titles to expand my book-100.

Now when I see a book or series recommended, I will go to my library’s page and reserve it if it’s in their system. They pull the book from whatever its home library is, and send it to the one I visit.

Lovely system, having the books waiting for me when I walk in.

The only difficulty is on days like today, when I come home with 5 items and suffer the question of where to start.

It’s a relief too, though, to even have that choice.

I think the last novel I’ve read all the way through was The Sherwood Ring and that was a whole month ago. I keep starting things and being disgusted or bored and unwilling to waste my time on something I don’t find delightful.

“Life is short enough,” you know?

Of course, this is the reason my mom says she won’t read/watch anything she knows is sad, no matter how highly I recomend them.

While I agree with her to an extent, there are some things I’ve read where I felt that the beauty in/despite the sadness was worth it.

That said, I now have a collection of “pre-Islamic” tales from Persia, and two novels, all of which look very promising.

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