Should I offer advice “publicly?”

I just popped back over to a forum I haven’t visited in a long time and ended up leaving a huge (for a message board) post of advice to a gal asking for info for a virgin bride.

The stuff I told her I have written at least twice before via e-mail to different people (didn’t save either time, *grumblegrumble* so I’ve had to rewrite it every time.)

Now I’m thinking about putting it here so when it (inevitably) comes up again, I won’t have to rewrite it, I’d just point to it.

At first I thought I’d be too embarrassed to do any such thing, but then, imagining I don’t have many readers (and most of those in the demographic I talk to about this stuff anyway), I figured the benefits would be worth the risks (hey, I’ve got a good spam filter).

Now, I don’t have a counter and I don’t know how many people actually stop by here regularly, so I’d be swayed by just a couple comments, but:

Who thinks I should put my “advice column” on my blog for linking to in the future?

(And, if I put it up, expect a lot of posts in a short amount of time to push it off the bottom.)


This could start a whole new “advice” category… hmmm….

9 thoughts on “Should I offer advice “publicly?”

  1. To respond to en e-mail comment, I don’t mean to start an advice “column.”

    I just meant if I actually published this bit I’ve written already, it might be a tipping point to whiz back through my archives and add a few things to an “advice” category.

    I think currently– I’m thinking now of the advice about husbands watching kids— any advice is in the debates/discussions category.

  2. One thing I’ve done before is post something but mess with the date so that it doesn’t show up on top – you could even have it be a few years back, that way you can link to it, but it would be unlikely that anyone else would find it.

  3. Ah, Catherine, that is an interesting idea.

    I think I’m torn between feeling embarrassed and feeling it’s good/useful to share, so I’m not sure how hard-to-find I want to make it.

  4. I’d have to agree with Catherine on this one-not everyone will want to read it, but those who will can. You could always write a post to intro it.

  5. I say post it and don’t be embarrassed or try to push it off the bottom of the page. If it’s good advice, which I’m sure it will be, others will find it to be good advice to share with their friends as well. So post it and treat it like any other blog entry. (Write a TMI warning at the opening of the post if you feel like it.)

  6. i agree that you should go for it. I’m just a ‘lurker,’ but I do enjoy what you write. You never know – there could be someone else who’s lurking that needs to read it.

  7. Hmm, now I’m curious. I don’t know if I’ve ever given advice to a virgin bride or what I’d say if asked for any —

    As to your question, I think your audience would most likely be just the minds that want to know (or do know, as the case may be).

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