Untangling Tales exists to help people find just the right words.

I am a word consultant. Words are my gift, and I love to help other people find exactly the ones they’re looking for. I help people describe themselves or make sense of the stories most important to them.  We’ve all got our stories tangled up in our minds and our experience. I help people untangle their tales.

This means I listen, ask questions, pick at knots from different angles, and generally serve your purpose by being a mirror for your awesome uniqueness.

The goal of this work is to leave you with a clear focus and a core of identity to work from with confidence.

Untangling Tales About You means taking the amazing complexity that is all of you and focusing down to the flaming point of why you are here, whichever here you choose to be in at a given moment, whether it’s applying for a job, introducing yourself to a new audience, or writing the annual family letter.

Untangling Tales For You is a starter-list of how I can help you create or edit content in a variety of contexts. My blog and articles in Wyn Magazine are a consistent representation of my work and style.

I hope this site covers all your questions about writing for hire, so if I left anything out please feel free to ask.

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