Selective Memory

One thing blogging is good for is reminding me about reality.

I said last night, with all sincerity, “My babies don’t cry!”

I was thinking of my little babies, and how they were worn babies and very content little ones.

But I wasn’t thinking of the teething, and long car trips, and not-sleeping, and times when I had to leave them behind for something.

They most certainly can and do cry, and like any other babies they had no other way to let me know they had a need.

It’s funny, really, how my brain works.

I begin to understand how my Grandmother (who actively– intentionally– blocked out the unhappy memories of her childhood) could genuinely forget most of her early years because she tried.

My memory of the negative is quite patchy, and I’m not even trying to forget.

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3 thoughts on “Selective Memory

  1. Blogging is good for me for that too. I was just looking at some older posts tonight – not even VERY much older – and it’s amazing how many of the little things about Katherine I’ve forgotten already.

  2. Funny thing is that even if i’m just in my early 20’s, i do have selective memory, or at least i’m tryin to have it. Haha :D there are stuff that are better off forgotten, but we can say that those memories we want to forget, actually brought us now to the memories that we don’t want to forget. Am i makin any sense? Haha!

  3. Actually, I subscribe to the theory that we never truly forget anything. I think we just need the right trigger to bring it back.

    I don’t feel this is incompatible with the idea of selective memory, because it simply means that in these cases the trigger must be more specific.

    In this case, my example is a blog post I wrote while holding a crying baby.

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