Revisiting Poems

I tripped across the original post that had these along with another, and it reminded me of my clumsy attempt to explain my use for poetry.

That said, I wanted to put them back up here to be read again, and then I’m going to go read in the living room where my husband is working on his computer.

I’ve felt off-balance all day…

~ ~ ~

And another regrettable thing about death
Is the ceasing of your own brand of magic,
Which took a whole life to develop and market—
The quips, the witticisms, the slant
Adjusted to just a few, those loved ones nearest
The lip of the stage…

From Perfection Wasted by John Updyke


We know little
We can tell less
But one thing I know
One thing I can tell
I will see you again in Jerusalem
Which is of such beauty
No matter what country you come from
You will be more at home there
Than ever with father or mother
Than even with lover or friend
And once we’re within her borders
Death will hunt us in vain

From Four Poems in One by Anne Porter



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3 thoughts on “Revisiting Poems

  1. Thanks for stopping by! I was excited to get a response to my ramblings, because when I do that not many people comment. In response to your older post, I love Good Poems. I love just flipping through it. How was the Poem a Day?

    Also, I really like Perfection Wasted- it’s a good one.

  2. Hi there-I enjoyed the poems that you shared. Especially that second one. A poem about home.

    Whenever you’re ready go ahead and send me the first chapter. I’m sorry-I meant to tell you.

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