Revision #1 is Over

Commencing revision #2.

I always wondered how other authors could count the number of revisions they’d made, because I’ve been constantly returning to “Revision #1” in my working moments, not feeling it was worth double-saving with a new number since it was obviously better the new way.

But now I’ve got an idea.

~ ~ ~

This latest talk on cutting (and the reading and thinking I’ve been doing) has brought me to a new outline, greatly streamlining the plot and action.

It’s 20% as long as the last one. Insanely simple. I’m hoping it proves to be more than a skeleton…

Yes, I feel like I’m losing some pet characters and interactions, but I also hope this new organization will be easier on the readers.

There’s too much fun stuff in my first revision to whittle any more at it, so I decided to set it aside in its own little folder (with it’s preface, postlude and 43 chapters), and start with a fresh canvas.

I expect to build the new revision by bringing in just the parts that are on my skinny new outline and see how it holds together with some new ligature.

It seems very exciting just now.

(And, no, no one else has to think so. :P )

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