Reading, Rabbits and Arhythmofwriting?

Eh. I’m just trying to decide if I can do “3 Rs” here at Untangling Tales without boring my delightful lurkers.

So here’s your chance to tell me.  I’m always shocked at the number of hits my stat-counter tells me I’m getting, and while some of it is Google sending people to my archives, I’m curious what makes the rest of you come back.

This is the place where I feel like I’m talking to myself in an empty room.

I am having a great deal of fun with my rabbits.  I’m thinking of starting a category for pictures and projects.  (For example, we have Before:

and After:

Both pictures and a project. Whee. About an hour it took me to shear him; I hope that gets shorter as I get more practice.)

And really, the only connection to what I already do here is the atavism I mentioned yesterday.  The idea that animals and fiber arts are a part of life as much as reading and writing (storytelling).

But then, perhaps that’s just my life.

But you’re welcome to peek in and enjoy.

So there’s the question: Are you interested?

3 thoughts on “Reading, Rabbits and Arhythmofwriting?

  1. Rabbits are cute. Count me in.

    P.S. I don’t recall if I’ve commented before, but I’ve been reading for a while. Google reader recommended you, I believe.

  2. Thanks ladies for responding. Wow. I just wrote this post 3 days ago?

    Lots has happened since then. In my head and heart, anyway. And in my home. (I’ll write about it on the home blog eventually. Maybe later today.)

    As things look, I may begin a rabbit-centric blog in March or April. I’ll write more when I have more details worked out, but just now I’m jazzed at the idea of a single hub to focus on– something that I can connect to my world and share what I’m learning (Oh so much) that I don’t find someone else saying the moment I Google.

    (Actually, I was annoyed by this at first, but isn’t that what we say about writing fiction? “Write the book you want to read.” So I’m looking now into writing the blog I want to read. And I’ll look forward to meeting the kindred spirits who are interested in the same topic.)

    Peace to you, and happy new year!

    (Oh, and as a p.s., having another place to focus– having something SPECIFIC on which to focus– I should soon return to my regularly scheduled randomness about books, thinking, and reading and life; which means the reading list will be kept up here– along with any other run-on sentences I am able to find a home for.)


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