Random Noveling bit

My female villain’s name is Irene.

I picked it years ago, when I learn both that is means peace (and I like the irony) and that a famous Irene has killed her own son to keep the throne she held for him as regent.

So there was this great history behind the name of a ruthless woman.

And then, about a year and a half ago my pastor and his wife named their adorable little baby girl Irene.

Major bummer for me, since I feel for “all reasons of prudent policy” I need to change her name. Inspiration has not yet struck, and since it’s not generally available (i.e. to by read) yet I’ve left it for now.

I’ll take suggestions.  Listen to them anyway.  Don’t promise to actually take them. ;)


Got on a roll tonight: Cleaned 8 scenes, 32 pages.  Currently on p. 329/440

Word-count: 116,981

5 thoughts on “Random Noveling bit

  1. Except for her parents and anybody else at my church…

    I’m giving it to a few readers there. I’ll not mention it and see if they bring it up themselves.

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