Why is “fixed-income” both spoken and received as “extremely-low-income”?

Weepy old lady in Incredibles: I can’t pay for this, I’m on a fixed income!

Aren’t most (or at least many) of us on “fixed incomes”?  I know we are.

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  1. Well it’s a little different because people on fixed incomes don’t get yearly raises. In addition they are typically elderly so getting another job to supplement their income is usually impossible. I mean God willing, I should get a raise next year. I also received an increased salary when I changed jobs. I can do other things to earn more money in a given month. That’s all! LOL!!

  2. I think that most people use the term “fixed income” to refer to those on Social Security. It almost seems to be a euphemism for SS. Which is a fairly low income.

  3. I agree that it seems to refer to SS but I’ve had the same reaction: “Yeah, so are we!” My husband works for a church. That means we sometimes don’t even get cost of living raises every year. (Last year for instance). Any income is only “fixed” if we allow it to be – nearly anyone can make a little extra money if they need to (part time job, sell some stuff, petsitting…)

    I very much dislike any “accepted” excuse. We all have them – we don’t have to use them. Older people are no different in this respect.

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