Finished 28, 29 and 30 this weekend.

28 and 30 were *total* slogs. I’m going to have to add a question to my pre-readers questionnaire: Do any chapters make you more tired than others. . . ?

Because they surely did for me.
So glad they’re done.

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I’m in the middle of a chapter that is killing me right now. It has potential, but Argh! (How’s that for a badly worded sentence!)

  2. If this is your first draft I’d totally advise you to skip to a different (funner) part of your story and come back later to where you feel stuck now. (How’s that for totally flaky advice!)

    I had exactly the experience you describe during my first draft, and if I hadn’t been flying for my 50,000/30 I would have gotten bogged down where I was and made *zero* progress. Never have actually finished something.

    By the time I came back, half the troubles were easier because I knew better where I was going, and a quarter of them went away altogether. While that still left some slogging hard-work (like the above) it made me remember why I love what I’m doing.

    A somewhat sacrilegious example is letting yourself read in the psalms or gospels while you’re slogging through a particularly slow section of the Old Testament ;)

  3. ~snicker~ I’ve done that with the Old Testament on occasion. It’s a point of sadness with me that I’ve never actually made it all the way through the Old Testament.

    I actually did end up moving on today finally. I’ve written half of another chapter and I have an idea how to put the idea into a different chapter without so much detail. Thanks for the advice!

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