Personality Testing

Do you have one? Take the test and find out!

Seriously, I remember joking in high school about “cheating” in personality tests (“Hey! don’t be copying my answers!”).

Barbara at Mommy Life observes:

I know some most of these tests that circulate on blogs are silly and pointless, but this one is definitely the real thing. It is used to help employers and employees understand how people work and relate on the job. And I think it can help us with the job we do, too.

The test is here, and a list of descriptions/explanations is here, along with other essays on your results page.

My results were very interesting, and largely accurate, but I sometimes wonder about these tests how much of this is logic and how much is fortunetelling…

7 thoughts on “Personality Testing

  1. Why, is that what you are? :-)

    It depend on what test I take. ;-)
    This one makes me solid NF, which tend to agree with. 50/50 so far between the I and E, which might shock anyone who knows me. The poor wording on the questions dealing with emotion in opposition to logic/reason leaves the J/P also a question in my mind.

    I’ve worked *very* hard to integrate those, and while the tests put me at J, I’d speculate (especially when J is labeled as “scheduling”) that I’m more of a P.

    I bought the Keirsey book for reference material months ago (for my novels), but never tried the test before I took this one. It nailed me solidly as an ESTJ, which ridiculously offended me. Perhaps because the connected description holds strongly so many parts of my personality I’ve worked to mellow over the years.

    Honestly, the description I identified with the most was the INFJ, minus the bit about being secretive or hiding their inner life (after all, I have a blog).

    That was the one I thought of when describing the description as “uncanny” to my husband. It wasn’t spot-on, but it’s the closest I can remember being pegged.

  2. Yes, that is what I am, but I have also wondered if I was really an E. I used to be shyer and I am rarely the center of attention (nor do I like to be). But I am always laughing at everyone else’s jokes; so though I am not the life of the party, I usually know them…while I prefer hanging out with one or a few close pals. I am barely an E. The personality tests fascinate me. :)

  3. Ditto, but if I think too much about it, I can become discouraged by “my” stereotyped faults and not quite matching the description and so on.

    I’m more susceptible when I’m run-down, of course. If I’m well-rested I don’t care a snap for what anybody says. But if I’m tired, I’m just *way* too needy.

  4. I have embraced my initial “diagnosis” of INFJ. There were just so many things that *fit* and made sense for the first time.

    Hmmm. Maybe I said that already. {Shrug.}

    Oh well.

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