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Many (if not most) baby/parenting books seem to emphasize their methodology to the point of threatening your child will be scarred if their method is not used (Catherine mentioned this at the end of February).

As a ray of sensible Spring sunshine, I offer today a list of books that are both useful and positive. No guilt-trips here (unless they’re carry-ons), and instantly usable information.

Rather cold toward co-sleeping and extended breastfeeding, but very sensibly combines the ideas of flexibly and scheduling for your baby.

Also offers “rescues” for correcting mistakes entrenched by “accidental parenting.” The original book is most accessible to new and/or 1st time parents, the other offers some more detailed approaches to specific problems.

I got this information from a class that then sent this DVD home with you. If you are afraid of colic (or think your baby has it) the techniques demonstrated here could greatly reduce your stress-level.

Demonstrates how to engage a baby’s calming reflex (did you know babies have a reflex to calm themselves like they have a rooting reflex when they’re born?).

Solid information about sleep itself to help guide expectations, and a detailed methodology of finding and implementing the possible solutions collected in the books.

The information is presented in a gentle, conversational way. The author acknowledges making the changes will require additional energy from already-sapped resources, and somehow that endeared her to me.

Simply the best book to give to your pregnant friend in her third-trimester or to any woman who’s just given birth. If it doesn’t cover everything, it does cover more than any other post-partum book I’ve seen.

Understanding the difference between disobedience and the process of growing independence. Discovering potential and clarifying expectations. Creating a sense of family. I really appreciated it.

Maybe some reviewer on Amazon can articulate it better, but this is definitely a user-friendly “keeper.”

A practical book presenting techniques for organizing and motivating your professional choice of stay-at-home mothering.

These are the books that work for me. For more ideas visit Rocks in my Dryer.

3 thoughts on “Parenting Info That is Actually Useful

  1. Usually I plead the fifth with parenting and child raisin’ books, but “Secrets of The Baby Whisperer” I would recommend to all first time mommies. I love Mommy Manual, too!

  2. Thanks so much for the link and for letting me know how to find you….I’ve fallen behind on my blog reading in the past (crazy, insane) week and hadn’t see your response yet. I appreciate the book reviews – and I’d add the Dunstan Baby Language DVD (you can find a link to their website, as well as a bunch about my experiences with it on my blog – there’s a label called “Dunstan”). There’s no “shoulds” attached, but its extremely helpful – right up there with the happiest baby on the block…

  3. I read “Baby Whisperer” when Little P was young and the “No Cry Sleep Solution” — they are both great. While on Oprah recently, Rabbi Shmuley said that love has two hands “the hand that nurtures and is kind and the hand that disciplines.” A good balance of both is something to strive for!

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