Parental Involvement

It is a sad commentary on our modern culture that the only place where parents are still expected (I almost said allowed) to “impose their personal views” on their children is in nutrition.

The 9th Circuit Court has asserted that parents have no right to input in their children’s learning: this, apparently, is the essence of a public school; courts also have shot down efforts for parents to be involved in important health-care decisions of their children; and many moderns nod over the wisdom of waiting on the introduction of a specific religion, so children can decide what they want to believe when they grow up.

You really ought to stop imposing your own, narrow, religious views on your children. They’re just children, for mercy-sake! They are vulnerable and susceptible to ideas from those they love and trust. If you start pumping just one religion into them before they’re old enough to critically evaluate it, they’ll never have the chance to think for themselves.

Do the mature thing and leave them out of it for now. Instead, cultivate a respectful attitude toward all beliefs– you know that can’t happen if they think only one is “true”. (The common side-effect of no adult faith is really not scary enough to make this bad advice. Really.)

And it’s none of our business– or yours– if that child is “active” sexually, collecting diseases or exposing herself to un-safe situations. Keep your nose out of it while your daughter decides how to deal with the unexpected results of that “natural” behavior.

As a parent you have no say in her moral development– leave that desensitizing to us (the government) and our agent (the public school). We’ll make sure we dull or mute any of that unconscionable resistance to same-sex relations. This will create a safer environment for all, since no one will feel threatened if they never have to explain their choices or behavior to those who don’t understand.

I wonder– if they don’t learn how to do this civilly in school, where can they learn it? Or will lack-of-sameness always be a threatening personal attack, just by existing?

Keep your nose out of this important business of training children. We both know you just gave birth because you couldn’t help it, and love the critter out of some sweet, understandable biological imperative. We know you often feel overwhelmed and we understand.

We’re here to help. Just leave all this important stuff to us. We’re the professionals.

~ ~ ~

But for the love of your children (perhaps even from a patriotic duty to your country) you *had better* evaluate every mouthful of food that goes into that little frame. Fight the epidemic of obesity!

We can’t be everywhere at once! We can’t be expected to raise them for you! Be the parent, already, and take some responsibility for your own kids. If you don’t care enough to get involved you’re bad parents. These are your children we’re talking about here.  Our only future!

Don’t leave the rest of us with the offense of their ugly bodies. Especially in our images of power, and our idealizations of youth we want our fantasies of perfection to be affirmed.

Their bodies are important.  And I hope I never care more about their bodies than their hearts and souls.

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