Padraigs and Ice cream

Now there are two things that just go really well together.

My girls have had padraig slippers since Melody got some at her baby shower. I found they were the perfect antidote to footless baby outfits, and got a second pair so her older sister could have some too.

Here’s my plug: They don’t squish the leg like socks (don’t even need socks, in fact) in order to stay on. The average baby needs a bit more dexterity to remove them than to remove socks, and the soles are made of fuzzy-side in sheepskin. Put your finders into a new pair of baby booties and you’ll wonder why they’d ever want to take them off. And some don’t.

I finally bought myself a pair.

Once I got over the (shouldn’t-have-been-a) surprise that they have no support (what moc/slips do?) they were very nice. Easy slip-on, leave-on-all-day shoes. And b/c they have those leather soles they’re even good for a quick dash to the car.

I haven’t yet tried for me what I’ve done with the girls though: for them Padraigs are just another shoe. An in-a-hurry shoe, actually, since they can be worn with or without socks, and are rainbow and novelty, so they go with everything.

Oh, and the ice cream. I just made ice cream again last night, and as one who has trouble keeping my feet warm under even normal conditions I sincerely enjoy having now a pair of slippers my husband doesn’t object to.

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One thought on “Padraigs and Ice cream

  1. Cute! Those sound like they’d be perfect for little ones. I don’t know if I would like the adult ones…I prefer to wear tennis shoes around the house. If I don’t have supportive shoes on during the day, I end up with sore feet at night.

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