Oh yeah, I do that, too.

Went with the kids to VBS this morning and met a young photographer.  So fun.  Great conversation that reminded me so many reasons why I love photography.

Makes me want to dive back in…

Think I’ll test the waters by bringing my camera tomorrow.

  • And last night I finished prepping part 5 of Lindorm for test readers (started part 6 and confirmed I have 12 parts total)
  • Confirmed (with a sort of digital handshake) that I’ll be buying the Californian rabbits (foundation stock) from the breeder moving out of state
  • finished that mondo canning project I started last Tuesday (got to remember to start smaller next time)
  • Went camping overnight with just Jennifer.  (Slept 8 hours in a row for the first time since I can remember)
  • Ordered (!) a travel-size carbon-fiber guitar (from Ireland, and it’s back-ordered, so it’s going to be a while).  So excited about that.
    • Jay’s asked if that means I’m getting rid of my wooden travel-guitar, but I figure I’ve got enough kids to keep both guitars busy, so I’ll hand onto it for now.
  • And I’m almost keeping my house clean– which is way-cool.

If I start knowing more picture-people in real life I’ll have to seriously figure out putting more stuff on-line.  I think my favorite stuff is portraits. Definitely the detail stuff.

2 thoughts on “Oh yeah, I do that, too.

  1. I loved photography. I really need to pull out my camera and go find some things to photograph. I’m not too into portraits. I can do photo journalistic very well though.

    What type of camera do you have?

  2. Some species of Cannon. Digital. It’s supposed to fit my EOS 28-105 lens, which makes me want to dig that one out. It’s the one I used for most of my photojournalism classes in college. The short zoom forced me to get closer.

    When I say portraits it’s not so much posed stuff with a pre-printed background as it’s pictures that are mostly filled with one or two elements.

    The ones I’m thinking of just now are the closeups of my children and nephew “discovering” an earthworm, and another (from a few weeks ago) where Elisha is cradling a duckling.

    (I think the main thing that keeps me out of Wedding Photography is the pressure: I know how to go through a list of portraits, but my favorite shots are definitely the photojournalistic stuff. I’ve seen some amazing portfolios.)

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