Nine Years, People!

And to celebrate, we… backpacked 16 miles!

Not all on the same day, though.

After dropping the kids at my mom’s place we drove an hour out of town and hiked for the rest of the afternoon (up and down some serious ravines).

We learned a lot to do differently “next time” but thankfully weren’t miserable at all (the first day’s hike was through steady rain) though I might have been edging toward hypothermia by the time we reached the cabin– I’ve never been good at generating and/or retaining heat.

Jay did the fire and all the work unpacking (and packing the next morning).  We both worked harder than we’ve worked in a long time.  For me, maybe ever.

My thoughts at the end of the day:

  • I took some of the junk food I’ve denied myself for the last three months (since I was working harder than usual)– and decided I’m not missing much.
  • This “weaker vessel” stuff is totally legit. I am so thankful for how well Jay took care of me– taking care of all the details at the cabin and taking on extra weight for the trip back to help me keep pace.

6 thoughts on “Nine Years, People!

  1. Which cabin did you go to? sounds like it could be the one we hiked to once for Tom’s birthday. I can’t remember what it was named, but it was towards the hot springs, 8 miles in on an ATV trail with lots of hills along the way.

  2. Stiles Creek. Though I didn’t see an actual creek on our way or in sight of the cabin.

    *Yes* there were lots of hills; I completely didn’t know what I was getting into, and might have chickened out. As things stand (and I said this on the trail) I wouldn’t do it again any time soon, but I’m glad to have done it because of how much I learned understand now because of the experience.

    I’ve chosen not to give a lot of details here, because I can’t help remembering that “complaining is really a way of bragging you survived” and I despise bragging…

    If Jay asks I might eventually put up more details at the home blog so that his mother can see what a good husband he is. ;)

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