New test-readers lined up!

At a book sale today

(I swear I’m done buying for a while!  I’m not even going to go into a bookstore through May– maybe through July too!)

I ran into a friend of mine who is an elementary school librarian.  She and her husband (a high school football coach with military experience) both agreed to read my novel, and a 4-6th-grade teacher agreed too.  I’m excited about these people reading it because they are all readers of 6-8th grade fantasy, and (I expect) will be able to give me a more experienced eye toward what age my story is appropriate for.

And I expect the man will have something to say about my fight scenes and references to military stuff, which I’ll welcome.

But, yeah, I bought a lot of books today.  And it parially makes me feel foolish buying books when I haven’t finished everything I own… but I’m beginning to feel it’s a bit like buying food before your kitchen is empty.  There are days when you know *just* what you want to eat, and there are days when you just want… options.

So there you go.  I’ve got options now (not that I didn’t before…) and I’ve reached my spending limit for this month and part of next’s, so that’s where the moratorium on buying came from.

For the first time in nearly 9 years of marriage Jay has suggested I limit my book-buying (to an entirely reasonable amount!).

I just have to retrain the way I think about hunting buying books, and I’ll be fine with it. ;)

This moment I’m absolutely torn.  All these delicious new books are calling me, and the opportunity to get my book read is calling too.

So many opportunities, all of them good.  I am blessed.

6 thoughts on “New test-readers lined up!

  1. Bookstores are like the sing of the siren. Did you get the ebook yet? The author said she emailed it. I bought a new cake pan. I’ll post the dessert shortly.

  2. Books are wonderful! I wish I had more time to read myself. I know you’re looking forward to finishing your book, too. . . what an accomplishment that will be!

  3. The cruel part about being in Doha is that I have lots of time that I can read, but books are so expensive that you don’t want to buy them. I tried to find a used bookstore and they don’t have any, especially for English books, in town. In order to satisfy the need I bought the Sony eReader and now do ebooks. I have lots of books on there including the Bible and James Patterson. I take it with me when I travel and I always have room for it. Books are cheaper on the Sony site than in person so my book budget, I feel, is money well spent. Sometimes I miss having a book in my hands (I miss the smell!) but I have gotten used to it and now I don’t like to carry them. Enjoy the books!

  4. Wow, Layne, that’s amazing to think of– books being hard to find, or cheaper electronically than otherwise.

    I know you, so I’d be happy to share my book with you, but if I remember right you’re more into Historicals. About the smell– I didn’t follow the link to see if it were real or a gag, but one blog I visited had a link to “new book smell” spray to enhance the electronic reading experience.

    Sounded like a gag to me, but I suppose it is possible.

  5. Thanks for popping by my blog….I followed you here and haven’t had a chance to explore too much but when I read this post I had to laugh and can SO RELATE!! I love books! I too have A LOT of books that I’ve purchased (all that I am relly looking forward to reading!)

    I’m sure you’ll be jealous (not in a bad way though) when you read this but I just purchased about 30+ new books a month or so ago. There was a Christian bookstore in the next town that was going out of business and liquidating everything. While I was sad to see them go, I was overjoyed at the deals to be had. The first week I bought 10 at $5.95 a book and then a couple weeks later went back and bought another 20 or so at $2.95/book. My husband was astounded at my purchases (why would I buy so many?) but when will I ever have this opportunity again? Childrens books, fiction, inspitational, bible study, parenting…

    Now if only I could find a little more time to read them :) Sorry – this is a long comment isn’t it? LOL.

  6. When books are limited I will read ALMOST anything. I did find one in Finland that I just couldn’t read, it was aweful! It was a historical fiction so it had promise, but it failed miserably. If only I read more than one language I could have many more options.

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