NaNoWriMo Update

I just passed 29K tonight.  That means I’m almost caught up with yesterday’s  writing goal (30K)

I’m very glad to have learned two things–

  1. The second female character I introduced isn’t a complete idiot. (For a while I had to wonder if she was.)
  2. [spoiler] the guy I killed the same day I discovered/introduced him isn’t actually dead.  In the end his brother couldn’t kill him and instead decided to risk some girl’s reputation in order to keep him alive. (Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense.  Like most stories, It’s complicated.)

I was very glad to learn there was a line Charles wouldn’t cross.  He was pretty creepy for a while there.

Who the main characters are is getting thrown all around.  Now that this guy is back from the dead (in a manner of speaking) and his whole character’s been revised by the near-death experience, he’s showing a lot more depth and interest than the erstwhile hero.

So all that convolution to say I’m still on it.

And part of the fun is that I’ve basically written off the possibility anyone would publish this story: It’s blatantly Christian, with *ahem* edgy humor (Yes! I have funny stuff in my story, Yippee!– If you’ve been around a while you’ll remember this has been a sticky spot for me), so I have a hard time picturing a publisher that would take both.  So it’s made the creation process quite a bit more relaxed and free.

When I think of a new angle (that would require changing a character, role, or interaction that I’ve already written) I have a separate file where I make notes about that.

When I think of a fun before-and-after, and plant the before I make a note not to forget the after, and also where it might fit best, if I’ve already thought of that.

Blessedly, I’ve not yet been at a loss when writing time comes around, and while I am a bit behind, it’s not killer.

This has been a wonderful experience so far, and I still hope to finish on time.

21K to go.

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update

  1. G’day Amy Jane, I happened onto your blog via a GF site – “Honouring your body” –
    and I found your novel writing musings very interesting – I did – do – a bit of scribbling every now and b’tw’en – I do like the fantasy Sci Fi and also the Fairy Tales of Old (think Lorelei of the Rhein, Grimms Brothers and the Old Norse Legends)as well as the Greek and Roman Mythology!
    It is interesting – your characters seem to gain a life and a will of their own and seem to insist on changes being made as you write their life cycle(!?)
    I have a couple of stories percolating away – one partly written and one still germinating. When the time is right, they will be written and completed to everyone’s will and satisfaction (LOL)
    All the best and enjoy your words and your writing. Peggy in Queensland Australia

  2. Yes! the old tales are so amazing. They remind me there’s nothing I have to deal with that is completely new. They’re reassuring in that way: Nothing needs to be created from scratch, and (thank God) I am not limited to my own experience or imagination in problem-solving.

    Very similar to why I appreciate the internet so much (and the people who share with us here).

    Thanks for visiting, Peggy, nice to have you here.

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