NaNoWriMo 2010 Day 2

My goal (unless I fall too far behind) is to pull 2,000 words a day.

I am still scrapping for a structure I can shoehorn my plot into– primarily because of the issues I’ve had with Lindorm and trying to decide what kind of story it is.  I was hoping to avoid that angst at the end, and the result is angst now as I (literally) lay out the plot-point cards and see how clearly my action cards* deal between them.

Nothing really clear yet, but now that I know my story better than I did two days ago I’m going to try again.

*I’m doing a card system this year and I really like it.

It didn’t make sense last time (Lindorm) since I had the whole story from beginning to end and there was no question about the sequence of action.  This time I am extending the story past the traditional ending and I am distressingly distracted and patchy in my thinking.

By putting random thoughts on a collection of 3×5 cards and adding them to the box I relieve the fear I’m going to forget something important and cut down on possible focus points.

Current word count: 4,165

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