NaNo 2010

Barring other changes, I’m planning to go for it this year.  For real.

I haven’t seriously tried NaNoWriMo (as in, a fully new work from page one) since I began the Lindorm in 2006.

Now I am in a critique group and getting serious help (and pushing!) on my novel, I realize I haven’t created for a long time.

I am committed to finishing the Lindorm novel (and eventually coming up with a brilliant and applicable title), but for these last couple weeks of October (prep) and the 30 days of November, I’m going to dive back into creating.

I’m excited. And now I have to choose which story to build: One based on the Grimms’ tale, The Water of Life (sort of like last year’s play-around, but more traditional) or a time-bending take on the Russian epic poem Tsar Saltan.

Technically I’ve already started the Russian one, and that’s the only reason I’m not convinced that’s the one to do: I might be too vested in it.

But, despite the fact I have 14,000 words on the old story, I have a whole new take on it that is a beautifully inspiring muddle of Saltan + Arabian Nights (no djinn this time, though) + Enchantment (a la O.S. Card).

That already feels like I’ve given away too much, but I’m really excited right now.

One tool I’m looking at to prepare is a post on the 5 most-important things to know about your novel before you start. Fascinating concept.

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5 thoughts on “NaNo 2010

  1. Latest Twitter tweets:

    The peril of social media is saying something as soon as it’s on your mind: necessitating a withdrawal of said something to remain truthful.

    I said I want to do NaNo, and I do, but I’m beginning to see I just want a distraction– from my WIP and my life. Not good enough reasons.

    (Which is really lame, let me tell you. I’m really intrigued by this expanding new idea. I can’t think of an idea I’ve mulled this much without actually writing on. Makes me wonder how much more coherent it will be when I actually start putting words down.)

  2. Which isn’t to say I’ve completely given up on the idea of a new work in November, I’m just not convinced either that I can make it a completely new work or fully invest myself in planning it properly.

    On the other hand, since my works are all based (to some extent) on established works, you might say they’re already planned.

    Though I can’t necessarily tell you the “first plot-point,” or where (exactly) the climax falls– I’m not as good as I’d like to be at dissecting stories, and the ones I’m attracted to tend to be more complex anyway– I tend to rely upon the staying power inherent in the story. And that carries me pretty far while I learn the details.

  3. I think your song should prove to you that you know story structure – you knew exactly where the climax fell.

    …Interestingly, the END of that first story has been the inciting incident of a new story…or maybe the sequel…and it’s a beautiful one.

  4. Ah, sweet Becky.

    That says more about my instinct and Story Sense than about my understanding of structure.

    To quote LotR (out of my head, since the book is packed):
    “We have won a battle [as opposed to the war], and this with help we cannot count on again.”

    I continue to step, and trust God is doing his work. It feels much like a Gideon situation, with reality quickly reminding me that none of this (or not enough to brag on) is me or mine.

    Yet as much as I want to shout, ALL GLORY TO YOU LORD! I feel like I don’t want to sully his reputation with my limitations.

    I love the song, My Tribute, both for it’s range and lyrics.
    “Just let me live my life. Let it be pleasing, Lord, to Thee. And if I gain any praise let it go to Calvary.”

    This is my perspective. I honestly don’t want to draw attention. But I would love to reflect it where it belongs. So I want to do well…

    My proof I don’t know structure?
    I can’t diagram stories. Or rather, I’ve tried to, and I don’t have the attention span. And that seems like a huge defect in a wanna be (good) writer.

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