My “Ultimate” Wish-list

(From Becky’s idea a bit ago)

I didn’t reply right away, because I was still smothering under the simple “what would you like this year” questions (not that I dislike them, it’s more that I hate finding a question I both don’t know the answer to, and don’t know how to look up the answer to).

When I was in high school I had a friend who, his girlfriend observed, was impossible to buy for: “If it’s affordable he’s already bought it.  If it isn’t, who can?”

Now I see I’ve become this person, so any “wishes” would fall into the “who can?” catigory.

But having thought on it a while, have a few ideas.  The first three are on my “when I sell my first book” list.

  1. Laptop with illuminated keyboard
  2. a CA Cargo (travel-sized guitar)  *not* in the green pictured.
  3. Placeholder (just because I”m certain there are 3, and I can’t remember it just now)
  4. new dishwasher (mine is starting to smell like burning rubber whenever I use it)
  5. Custom bookcases for the remaining wall-space in my home
  6. A lever/Celtic harp– either full-size or lap (or both…) in Cherry or some other light-colored wood.
  7. A self-cleaning house (or someone to hand the responsibility to)
  8. Finished novel and interested publisher(s)
  9. The goody-*squee!* moment of realizing my book is good enough– selling enough– that not only can I finish paying off my house, but also I get the dizzy delight of financing Becky’s Chinese adoption. ;)
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5 thoughts on “My “Ultimate” Wish-list

  1. I checked with Jay: “There were three things I wanted to buy with any advance money, right? 1, 2, and what?

    There was a long pause.

    “I’m only asking because I remember there being three,” I said. “Am I crazy, here?”

    He shook his head. “I remember there being three, too. But that’s all I remember.”

    So, there we are. If we ever remember I’ll go back and change it.

  2. #5 has been curiously answered. (Though I suppose even customized-er shelves could fit in additional spaces in our home)

    In moving our rooms around we moved two (unmatched) bookshelves, along with a shelf/drawer unit and a stacked pair of plastic drawers against one wall of the now-playroom.

    They fit. Perfectly. No wasted space.

    Then, in our search for bookshelves that would go against the end of our bed frame (the double-sized loft bed my “office” is now under) we ended up with a pair that fits there. And the little (4’x3′) lavender shelf I brought from my parents’ home when I married fits inside my office.

    I was looking at all this, so snugly coordinated but nearly impossible to photograph (I’ve tried; the pictures don’t make sense) and thought about that Rom 8:28 passage– “God causes all things to work together…” and had to laugh. What are the odds?! I have to wonder.

    And yet I never wonder whether God cares about the little details of my world. Furniture is, of course, much less spectacular than signs and wonders, but it still makes me feel “very well taken care of.”

  3. I did see this, and I’m not sure why I didn’t comment at the time. It made me smile. : ) And that’s so cool to hear about your blessing of the perfect bookshelves!

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