My new Guitar

I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but we bought a new guitar before Elisha was a week old. Jay had been doing this research, before E was born, on a brand called Rainsong, and was totally sold, since the material is supposed to be basically impervious to environmental changes (dryness, cold, etc). The guitar store within walking distance had the exact guitar we wanted (I don’t manage/fit full-bodied guitars well). So we tried it out and less than a week later we were bringing it home.

I’ve been using that new guitar almost daily now (yay for me),
getting attached to the sound and used to the feel, but I don’t think I’ll ever like the smell .

One of the first things I fell-in-love with my first (the classical) guitar was the smell. It is a cedar/rosewood instrument, and every time I open the case the smell is so pleasant.

The graphite guitar smells almost petroleum but fortunately that’s just the case– the guitar doesn’t reek just sitting in the open air.

(And *whew* I remembered to check the sponges on the old two today– they were *d*r*y* Guitars still fine though).

I need to actually try to sell them. But I guess I have been justifiably busy…

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