“My Desk” meme

So I caved and did it here rather than there.

I think it’s because I just cleaned it two days ago so I could follow the “don’t mess with it” rule and still not feel ashamed ;o)


You can click that if you need a bigger pix to analyze me ;)

But since it’s still hard to “read” I’ll give you the tour (of the un-obvious stuff):

  • Recipes (from yesterday’s meal-planning)
  • an Alaskan wedding invite (the red thing)
  • homeschool books (I’m currently trying to decide if NJ should be taught Kindergarten or 1st grade, come fall)
  • my topical notebook (I’ll have to do a post about this sometime)
    • has different sections for my kids, husband, guitar, novel and homeschool stuff– keeps me from being totally scattered
  • Lindorm folder with my research/plotting notes or questions and the current manuscript (that I still need to start rereading)
  • Lamp I was reading by during a power-out last week
  • two tea pots (can you find #2?) because of my growing re-interest in tea
  • two card-files I’m trying to re-integrate in my life: one for recipes and one to codify chore frequency.
  • hard to see behind the cup and plant: the insert for the Broadway Lion King CD.

One thing you can’t see is the legs of the desk— this was a “scavenged” surface my husband brought home and crafted legs to be just the right hight for me. It the only surface I’ve ever sat at properly in an ordinary chair. It’s the perfect hight whether I’m sewing or typing.

So the desk does say a lot about me– what I’m doing, what I want to be important to me. Even relationship, and how well I’m taken care of (though that part had to be explained).

Anybody else want to play (or give me the link to where you’ve played before)?

2 thoughts on ““My Desk” meme

  1. Your desk looks like a cozy place to work, and the content of your coverings conveys character (like alliteration?)

    Thanks for playing and thank you for posting on my blog. I’m glad you’re enjoying my books.

    Bryan Davis

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