Music is Everything

Not really.  But it’s the example of how you really do train yourself through familiarity.

I have been listening to the same  PANDORA station for more than half of this latest revision, and though I felt draggy when I turned it on just now (to start some folders and files flying before I crash), the feeling left both my mind and body when the familiar voices started.

It was like a switch was thrown– sort of like months ago when I’d sit down to sip some white peach tea and read over the last batch of work before diving into the current stuff.  The smell and taste seemed to slip my mind into a new groove.

Lately when I remember to heat water I don’t remember to go back.  Or I don’t remember to take the bags out.  Or I’ll have it at my elbow and I won’t finish the pot before it goes cold.  *sigh*

I need some kind of tea cozy.

Anyway.  No, I haven’t done any serous work on my novel since the 3rd.  But I had a huge break that day and expect to be done with my final 24 pages by the end of the week.  I’m only waiting until it isn’t music keeping me awake.

I don’t think I’ve said here that my annual physical ended with the complementary assurance that I’m actually quite healthy, and the various aches and pains I’ve been feeling could be neutralized by a combination of core-training (e.g. Pilates) and more sleep.  (I’d assumed it was just aging and I was stuck with it, but she assured me otherwise.)


That suggestive thought has had the effect of making more aware of my tiredness every night since.  None of my other habits have changed, so I wonder if I’m just listening louder.

Maybe that’s what the music does– it gives me something else to listen to.

3 thoughts on “Music is Everything

  1. This is a fascinating post! I’ve been thinking about this idea since I read this a couple days ago. I love the idea of setting triggers for myself by putting routine and structures into my writing life.

  2. The morning after I wrote this I was awake at 5:30 and raring to go.

    It was the first day I didn’t feel draggy since I stopped writing on the 3rd, and I have to wonder at the correlation.


    Though I must say I like the word trigger much more than the words structure or routine— the latter seem much more threatening and the first subversively effective.

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