(More than) 10 Things That Inspire Me as a Writer

Another Writing in the Dark workshop last Saturday.

The 10-things list is one of the exercises we raced through (the presenter, local playwright Anne Hanley, emphasized several times the usefulness of speed in getting past the inhibitions of the conscious mind).

Here’s what I came up with that morning:

  • Laughter
  • Reading
  • Explaining
  • A walk alone
  • A clear floor or open space
    • for me this means a peaceful environment and a sense of accomplishment
  • Remembered delight
  • Learning something new
    • This may distract me from my writing, but it energizes me as a person, so it’s probably “inspiring” on some level.
  • Quiet presence— the cat, sleeping children
    • This “being alone but not alone” is consistently my most productive time. Perhaps it’s an artificial deadline of they could wake up any time, or I ought to be sleeping. I need it!
  • Good Tea
  • A clear image, analogy or story to clarify a formerly muddy issue.

After all that the group read around the circle, Scattegories style, saying one thing that hadn’t been said yet. We each heard additional things that weren’t on our own lists. Here are my “extras,” some new friends reminded me of:

What inspires you?
What make you want to write?

7 thoughts on “(More than) 10 Things That Inspire Me as a Writer

  1. Church, Idiocy, Another’s great writing, memories, deep thoughts, movies, politics, nature (i.e. peaceful environments–which my house isn’t right now), encouragment, people

    There is my list of 10 for you. Sounds like you had a good time at the conference. I love writer’s conferences.

  2. Candles, a quiet presence (totally agree and love the description), tea, music.

    And not just any music-music WITHOUT vocals. If there are vocals, I can’t concentrate.

    And the sense of confidence in my writing. Which is a big one right now.

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  4. I know this is an old old post… (but since I’m reading though so much of your work, thought I’d leave a comment now, instead of wishing I had later, when I’d have to google to re-find it!)

    What makes me want to write … reading a really good story, such as Heartless by Anne Elizabeth Stengl. :]

  5. So glad to know you’ve been by (love little notes like these).

    Totally with you on the really good story. I think one of my favorite parts of “growing up” and finding new authors is that so many of them are still alive (!), and that impulse I have to write a thank-you note can actually mean something now. :)

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