More Folktale Wisdom

A line from a story kept repeating through my mind Thursday:

“Be bold, be bold, but not too bold, lest your blood run cold.”

It’s from the story Mr. Fox that runs along the lines of Bluebeard but is slightly less creepy to me.

In my mind the line is a reminder of mortality; in this case of my own, very human, limitations.  I found it an effective warning and was careful not to bite off more than I could chew.

2 thoughts on “More Folktale Wisdom

  1. What I never said was how this quote came in the context of bringing sub-zero household goods in from the bedbug killing cold.

    I needed to not move things inside just because I could. I needed to move as slowly I ought to keep things put away as I brought them in.

    I did pretty good. The reminder was appropriate and helpful, just I think we own too much stuff, and that’s what I need to tackle next.

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