Compiled Mom Advice

When the poignancy of my “last” baby phase finally reached me it was nothing like I’d imagined.

No craving a baby to hold, no wishing for more of my own.

Mostly, I’m pathetically disappointed that my acquired skills in that area are now obsolete.

Isn’t that sad?

Anyway, just because I can I have here a compilation of all the RAFTS I’ve offered to moms that visit my blog.

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[The original post included a giveaway that is now closed.]

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4 thoughts on “Compiled Mom Advice

  1. It would take me hours to get through all of those, and I want to. Unfortunately, I don’t have time. Very cool list thought and I’ve read several of them.

  2. Thanks Purple Moose. I’m so glad they’ve been useful!

    Added 11/10:
    For what it’s worth I’ve written a couple more. Just check the “advice” link on the categories page if you’re interested.

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