Ministering to my Husband

I “let” my husband go out snowmachining today, and have seen such provision throughout today that I had another revelation.  Sort-of tied to my post below.

Partly I think that God is easing my way so that I’ll be more willing to allow Jay his own “Daddy-time,” and largely I’ve been thinking of what a gift it will be to Jay when he comes home (doubtless *exhausted*) and I can tell him that we had a very nice day.

I thought again about how I send up little popcorn prayers when I’ve left him with all three kids (not often– I usually take the baby) and how it is just the cap on a good evening to know things were peaceful while I was gone.

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One thought on “Ministering to my Husband

  1. Yes. My husband’s job frequently requires him to be gone for extended periods of time and I am always grateful when things go well while he’s gone. Not just so I’m not yelling and uptight with the kids, but so he doesn’t feel bad for being gone and leaving me “alone.”

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