Maybe it is a series?

Still don’t really think so.

It’s just that I’ve started “composting” the idea of whether I could break up my current story into self-contained elements.

i.e., I need to poke around and decide if there is enough story to make the opening “Beauty and the Beast” section it’s own story, and if so whether the later adventures are also possible to disentangle from one another.

At this point I think they would still be pretty intertwined and dependent on one another. Kind of a Spiderwick series, highly interdependent, not a Redwall or Narnia type.

It would mean I’m looking at an utterly different animal, but maybe that could help work out some more kinks.

4 thoughts on “Maybe it is a series?

  1. Hi. I like series. Perhaps it would help. Or maybe hurt. Not sure I can help you. . . But I like series. . .

  2. I’ve gotten it broken down to two bits– with the second at least twice as long as the first.

    Somebody’s going to tell me to break it into two for a trilogy, but I honestly couldn’t find another clean break and my husband and I both have a distaste for those middle parts of trilogies that don’t have any meaningful conclusion.

    So my next job is to make the first book good enough that somebody wants the second book, however long it ends up being.

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