Made for Useful Work

Remembering this line of thought I tried to articulate some months ago, I found an excerpt that put a nice bow on it:

I think the feminist movement has denied a good deal of what it is to be a woman by denying the innate desire to be home, raising children. But I also think the church has done the same by denying her desire to work. In reality, the desire to labor productively and to rear children are two halves to the same person.

From Dana Hanley’s article in Home Educating Family magazine.

I appreciated hearing her say about the “Proverbs 31” woman, Her day was not focused on entertainment, nor her children, nor fellowship with other believers. Her day was filled with useful labor, and through her Godly example, her entire family grew spiritually.

We all admire the intelligence of those who think as we do, but I hope that doesn’t negate the validation I felt reading that statement.

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