It’s Growing.

Well, I’m up to 8 chapters “finished” out of 16 (yes, the number of chapters has gone up, too) to 1st-draft standards.

To combat my inner editor I’ve been making notes about what I need to clean up the next time around.

For example,

Chapter 7, The Fitting:

  • Focus on narrowing POV and keeping it consistent.
  • Eliminate any simpering or mooning over each other.  Keep this as close to a “business” relationship as possible, otherwise, we can’t believe Torb’s not a jerk in Chapter 9.

He’s really not, and imagining he is doesn’t advance the story.

  • clarify queen’s attitude toward MC
  • Clarify her relationship with her son

Now for a complete change of pace I need to sit down and decide what I’m doing with a dozen 2 to 6-year-olds for an hour tomorrow.

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