Is “homemaking” enough or isn’t it? (Pt. 4 of 4)

Okay, this started out as a 3-parter, but I found there was a bit more I wanted to tie up.

Since I’m working under a title that’s supposed to be a question, I guess I’ll try to answer it from (how else can I?) my perspective.

Here’s the best I can think it right now:

  • If homemaking is “merely” maintaining your abode and filling the bellies of those who sleep there, then No. Absolutely it is not enough.
  • If it all is lovingly done “as to the Lord,” as well as for those that are fed, more than just physically, from your hand, and done conscientiously to create an atmosphere of peace, safety and all those things that are good, but take effort, then, Yes. It has to be enough.

The way we teach our children to value something is to show them that we value it (this is what I attribute our young children’s tremendous respect for books to).

If I fell into the habit of “looking” for some service to do, to supplement my home-work, I would effectively be telling my girls that what I do at home (or the people I serve by what I do at home) has less value than anything else I may do.

If I had been less brain-fogged (and guilted) into doing the shopping, it would have been at the direct expense of some already very stressed humans (myself included). It would have said, “I know (or don’t care) you are tired and over- stimulated and needing quiet time, but her needs are more important than (y)ours.”

The scripture that continually reverberates when I (consciously) weigh these decisions is 1 Timothy 5:8.

I’ll not attempt to explain the verse or draw out any deep meanings (and, yes, I know it isn’t directly tied to mothering) but I will say this: I believe my job is to (and does) provide for my family. So I must consider their needs first.

These are the basics.

But once those basics are covered, “service” can look like just about anything. It can be exciting and enjoyed. “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” (Gal. 6:10)

“As we have opportunity” seems like a good way to say, “What fits.” These (for me), in addition to my homemaking, are frequently those “divine appointments,” those perfectly coordinated “random” meetings that bless all parties, whether with an encouraging word or a helping hand.

They make me glow for days, and I understand again that we were created to serve.

Something very exciting to me is that I’m beginning to get that same thrill from things that happen in our home. It’s like a curtain is pulled back and I see an exciting potential. I observe an unprovoked act of kindness or service, and I experience the joy of feeling, We’re on the right track!

6 thoughts on “Is “homemaking” enough or isn’t it? (Pt. 4 of 4)

  1. Mmm. Sometimes my husband will beg me not to go to Youth Group. Since I have no role set in stone, I tell him, “You come first!” and stay home. It’s sometimes hard to ignore the pathetic or critical looks on other’s faces but even harder to ignore Micah’s wide eyes. The best part is I know I’m justified!

  2. Amy Jane,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and the link to the post above. While reading it and the previous parts of the series, I had an aha! moment. While I know it won’t always be easy to say ‘no’ to requests for help that would interfere with my mothering, I think I’ve now defined my personal guideline for what is my ministry.

    Check back at my blog for more— I’ll be posting about it in a little bit.

    ETA: Here it is.

  3. A delicate balance indeed! It is important for a mother to have interests besides her own children, BUT, the interests can’t take over the mother-duties. I don’t have very good balance at all, and I tend to go overboard on one thing or another. Still learning this one!

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