Inspiration vs. Sleep

I just finished writing what I think is my climactic scene. (I’ll wait till more work is done to be totally sure that’s what it is.)

1,257 words tonight. Not quite NaNo productivity, but pretty good– especially considering I (1st-draft) finished a key scene.

The whole scene about 2,400 words, so I put together more than half of it tonight.

I kept expecting Jay to sit up and scold me to bed, me being sick and all, but I was flying so fast I was thankful he didn’t

Then, just as I punched the word-count, Elisha woke up. So here I am, thinking God for the clarity I got to finally write this scene.


I’ve recently been so intimidated about how much I have to learn, and how enormous this particular project is, that it’s been hard to create— for weeks I’ve only been editing– and I really do have quite a bit of material I haven’t written yet.

(And, in case you read my last post and wonder, my climax is nothing like the movie’s– only the experience somehow fired me to take a crack at this, and I’m glad I did.)

3 thoughts on “Inspiration vs. Sleep

  1. So you’re a night writer, eh? I used to be, and it was so quiet and wonderful. Sadly, I’m too taxed by the end of the day to have a coherent thought. Sounds like you have a supportive hubby!

  2. Hmmm– depends on the day. I was for much of NaNoWriMo, competitive as I am, but it was hard on me physically too, s I couldn’t keep it up.

    Most of my writing (read, “editing”) lately has been during nap time or between bedtimes, waiting for my girls to go to sleep.

    But I’ve not directly observed the lateness getting in the way of stories or ideas. It’s always been a play-now-pay-later kind of thing.

    All that said, I think last night was special. I doubt I would have been able to do what I did in any other time or context I have right now.

  3. Oh, and *yes* I have a wonderfully supportive man.

    It’s not like he’s ready for me to elevate the book to part-time job status (our lives are way too crazy for that right now), but he encourages me to go write, reads my stuff and offers his wonderfully thoughtful feedback.

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