I have just reached (in my last writing session) the portion of my novel that I have not “touched” since NaNo ’06.

The story has changed significantly since then.

  • New characters have been born and others have sunk into the background.
  • The timeline has been significantly compressed (from years into months)
  • A war has been “reduced” to a kidnapping— for now
  • Whole personalities and motivations have been changed

And I’ve become a better writer.

Shew! In two years I’d hope so!

Seeing the difference is a little intimidating because it brings up a new question: Do I re-write?

As in, do I line-edit and try to “upgrade” what I wrote two years ago, or do I review what happens and start again to tell it with what I know now.

I am beginning to think I’ll have to do the latter to make the writing as good as possible, but it does feel excruciatingly frustrating to let go of so much work.

But then, maybe I won’t have to let it all go…  I’ll decide at the end.  For now I’m simply reading through and updating the plot details to it’s current form.  The larger things that need to be re-worked, e.g., transitions, cartography (God help me.), I’m just making notes of at this time.

One thought on “Improving

  1. Wow. That would be a tough decision. I’m not really sure which would be easier. I guess it depends on how much would really have to be changed.

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