I’m reading a novel again.

It’s when I get pulled into a story that makes me forget myself—or, more accurately, just as or after I am yanked out— that I want most to write, and write well. I want to make that kind of magic.


Lately, I’ve been hesitant to start (or continue) an unread novel, almost for the same reason I can’t take any kind of sleep aid (“Before taking our product, make sure you have 8-hours to devote to sleep.”), but I finally did.

2 thoughts on “I’m reading a novel again.

  1. I have a whole stack of novels I’ve bought recently with the intent to read as genre-familiarizers (this, along with simply writing is what everyone says is the best novelists’ school).

    The novel I’m working on just now is Inkspell. It’s been hard to *really* get into b/c I’m only able to take it in such small chunks. It’s hard to totally immerse myself in the world.

    To invoke another sleep analogy, I will sooner stay up an extra hour than thy to catch one or two 15-minute naps while I wait for the kids to settle.

    The small rest I may get is negated by the abrupt leaving it behind. The Novel’s almost that bumpy.

    The last week (in my limited writing time) I’ve been polishing a children’s book manuscript that I *hope* to get mailed (or at least enveloped) today during nap time.

    I wanted to play at sending submissions, and my novel won’t be ready for that for some time.

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