I’m in Trouble

I’ve made it 18 days into this new year, and not bought a single book (for myself…) but I’m being reminded by a bunch of my blog reading that one of my jobs as a writer is not only to read, but to read the current works in my genre.

My reading list is distinctly skewed to the older— at least, I’ve got books that go back as far as 30 years.  And I’m old-fashioned (or is it snobbish?) enough to like it that way.

So I’m redacting my reading page to make it less-obvious I’m limiting myself (if this is my only web-presence, I don’t need to make it that plain– unless they search and find this post ;) ).

And I’m changing my mind about resisting the siren song of the library’s new acquirements  (is that a word?).  Not sure how I’ll keep up with it, but I’m still determined to alternate writing and reading times: wanting to be sure I balance input and output to keep some perspective on my own work.

If that came out confusing, I’m trying to say that I will use the awesome library I have to pay for anyway to get a hold of the current important books.  There.  I can work toward my goals and do my duty at the same time.

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