If you promise not to make-fun

You may go look at the curriculum I’ve finished collecting for Natasha’s first year (all disclaimers are on on that post).


Jay’s been correcting my effervescent method of presentation when I say we’re homeschooling.

“It’s so cool here! I don’t have to *do* anything!”

He says that it gives people who love and care about our children the wrong impression.

I hope that list will also reassure them.

Jay’s suggestion of much more mature and useful way for me to communicate our current goals:

“When I began researching in preparation to homeschool Natasha, I was surprised to learn that there are no set requirements in Alaska for parents teaching their own children.

“This is very exciting to me, because it gives me the freedom to create my own course of study that will meet our objectives for our kids’ learning.”

He says it will allow me to share my delight at the freedom available, while still making it clear we have standards and a plan.

And he’s right, of course.

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