I Just Figured it Out.

I was over reading on Mommy Life, and saw where she wrote this:

I give thanks every day for blogging, as I believe it has truly empowered mothers in a way that has little to do with what we used to think was empowerment. It has taken us out of the isolation that was the biggest downside of our calling and given us a sense of community…

I love it when I figure out why I’m doing something, and don’t feel silly about the why.

Bob Mayer (in the excellent book, The Novel Writer’s Toolkit), observes that most decisions are made at an emotional level, and it is after we’ve already made up our minds that we go back and look for support for the position we’ve chosen.

His context was the accepting or rejection of manuscripts, but I feel it is more broadly applicable. (The abortion controversy is one example.)

I can readily agree that the blogging idea and practice is a very natural (and frequently effective) response to the isolated feelings sometimes experienced as a “full-time mom.” Blogs offer an outlet for our own active minds,

Plus a healthy dose of humor so we see our jobs in the best possible light… and hopefully – in the blogs you choose – a bunch of ideas for making the most of your motherhood.

I’m thankful for the outlet and the chance to see into other women’s minds. It has been very encouraging to me.

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