I Have a Wonderful Husband

Just in case there is any question.

(I realized a visitor popping by might see that previous title and guess I’m a whiner or don’t have a good man. I’d hate for either assumption to be believed.)

On this blog I’ve written some of what I love about my husband, and given an example of his protectiveness that was quietly affirming.

And in the last two weeks as I’ve been recovering from pneumonia (and the overdoing it while sick) his vacation time has been spent covering for me again.

Basically, I didn’t want to miss another opportunity to honor Jay and thank him for all he does to serve this family. We would not be able to make it without him.

I know I have a very unique man. I also know that God has been giving Jay special grace for this challenging time and teaching him things through it.

This has not been an easy time for him.

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