I don’t mean to sound ungrateful…

But how did I end up in the “international” list for the prize drawing???

Oh dear.

I signed up for last week’s blog party, and like nearly 1000 other bloggers eagerly scanned the list of cool prizes being offered to partygoers. As many of them did, I dreamed up a “wish list” of my absolute favorites, in case I was drawn. I also mentioned I was in Alaska.

~ ~ ~

Here’s a quick reference chart (though it’s largely irrelevant I almost included it as a “public service announcement” in my intro post):

AK is not Arkansas, its Alaska
AR is not Arizona, its Arkansas
AZ is Arizona.

We’re all America, USPS ships to all three, and while mail can take a little longer to get up here, it is not much more expensive.

~ ~ ~

I hope in the future being non-contiguous won’t exclude the 49th state from the awesome prizes offered for American bloggers. (Another idea would be letting small, mailable things like gift-cards be an option for us “INTL” folk)


I don’t mean it in a nasty way. It’s always fun to hear you’ve won something, but this is a little like having someone offer to buy you their favorite painting…

Anyway, had a lovely time cruising new sites during the party, I think I picked up at least two new reads.

And if there is some sadly disappointed INTL blogger who would like my on-line prize-pack, leave a comment (find me a dog if you’re feeling really generous) and we’ll call it even.

6 thoughts on “I don’t mean to sound ungrateful…

  1. Hello Amy,
    I came here through the Ultimate Blog Party’s list of winners. Being “INTL” myself, I wanted to have a look at the other International bloggers (I have so far come across bloggers from Italy, New Zealand, the U.K. and The Philippines).
    I’d love to offer you a dog, provided I find one who can cross the Atlantic!
    Are you sure you don’t want to use your prize, though? You are right Alaska is not exactly mainstream, but I do know it is an American State!
    Anyway, do stop by if you can, my party entries are still on!

  2. You’re a hoot! I usually have to run through all of the states in my head before I can really say with confidence what any abbreviation stands for! Because, you see, there are only 2 K states… which you would be hard pressed to confuse abbreviation-wise. So, I guess I don’t have to work too ahrd at making myself clearwhen I say I am a KY girl!
    Even non-contiguous… I’m having a difficult time understanding how you got to be a INTL partier. Maybe she just picked your name near to last and had to give you something that “kind-of, sort-of” fit?? Can yout ell, I’m into being generous. But I don’t think you sounded ungrateful at all!
    Have a great day (however long it is currently lating up in the northern reaches).

  3. (continued from previous comment)…Oh, yeah, and I wanted to invite you to join Writer…Interrupted, a christian writers’ blog ring, if you haven’t already. I have found that it’s really helpful, insightful, encouraging, inspiring to hear from others like you and me. Like I mentioned in my post, I contribute occasionally. You should check it out!

  4. Oh no!! I can’t believe that happened. I haven’t gone through the winners list, yet…DS 3 did and said I wasn’t there…so I probably won’t get over there for a while.


    :-) Susan

  5. Hi Irene–

    I’ll be checking this out for myself, after all. On that date-night I mention in later posts I agreed to postpone the dog a year, and as that was going to be my “fitness program” this summer, I figured the on-line project was worth pursuing.

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