How Well do You Know Your Spouse?

Inspired-by (and based a bit on) this post, and the “game” currently popular at bridal showers.

How many of these do you know off the top of your head?

And I will say husband, because (I assume) I have so few male readers.  Prove me wrong, if you’re there.

  1. What’s your husband’s middle name?
  2. Did he have a nickname (from others? for himself?) while growing up?
  3. What’s his favorite color?
  4. What’s his favorite food?  (This should be easy if you cook for him.)
  5. What is he most-proud of?
  6. What’s his favorite outfit for you to wear?
  7. Do you know how he will vote?  (Will he vote?)
  8. What kind of toothpaste will your husband *not* use?
  9. What situation never fails to make him sick?
  10. What’s his favorite dessert?
  11. What was the last thing that made you laugh together?
  12. Have you ever seen your husband cry?  What caused it?  Was he embarrassed?
  13. Bonus: What was he wearing the last time you saw him?

I’m not asking any of you to answer these here, I just like them as ways of awareness: thinking about what I can remember, what I need to ask him (where is he at in this presidential mess?) and knowing how to please him (e.g. with my cooking-choices).

The “game” part of this puts the bride-to-be on the spot with whatever questions her maid of honor feels like springing on her.  For every question she gets wrong (MoH interviewed groom for answers) the happless– she always ends up hapless in my experience– bride has to drink another shot of something alcoholic or add another brick of bubblegum to her mouth.

She doesn’t usually get a choice: that’s pre-determined by the context of the shower.

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