Home Again…

Was gone much of the last week for our last (immediate) family wedding.

Random “over-heards” from the weekend:

A tee-shirt on the groom:

No, I don’t have a girlfriend.
But a know a girl who would be pretty upset if she heard me say that.

After the wedding:

60-something uncle: So, [Groom] what are you planning on doing tonight?
Unbelieving stare from groom.
40-something uncle: Has it really been that long since you were married?

Of course the question was more about where they were spending their honeymoon than what they’d be doing.

And then there was the one on the drive home where my oldest asked,

Are we going to Fairbanks and real-Alaska, now?

And here we are, at almost 1400 miles of driving in less than a month, five in the Subaru Legacy.

Family 8/07

Do we look a little dazed to you?

Now, Lord willing, my goal is to really set up house and find a balance now that sickness, dog (yes, dog :( ) and crazy-fast weekends across the state are over for the present.

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