Hmmm, again.

After my dog-training class this evening a woman asked if I was a teacher, or a writer. I accepted being called a writer and asked where she got that idea.She said she has “a sense about these things,” and connected it to my choice of words when I spoke.

“Listening to you talk, I figured if you weren’t, you could be.”

I found it complementary, though I can’t say exactly why.


It made me think of a conversation I had before I started blogging (I wrote a lot of e-mails in those days).

I was discussing the idea of writing as a second language with a friend at church, and he said something along the lines of, “You must be really fluent then, because you sound just the same in your e-mail as you do in person.”

This probably applies to my blogging now.

Again, I felt pleased that my “voice” was so consistent.

Though, honestly, one really ought to verify an item is something of quality before being pleased at its easy recognition ;)

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