Happy…*Something* to Me…

One year ago today I posted my First blog entry. (Very interesting now to see what’s changed.)

It was on Xanga, on an account I had finally opened in order to be able to comment on the well-established blog of a childhood friend. I’ve never been able to not-jump-in a conversation…

When I wrote my first profile I was self-conscious beyond words (Like I need one more reason/excuse to think of myself! Who’s even going to read it?). The first Xanga profile I wrote contained a line like, This is an experiment. Let’s see if it goes anywhere.

Now, with a total of 308 posts (159 posts here and 149 at Family News), it’s clear this is no longer in the “experimental” stage.

Even allowing for the doubling of some pre-June posts (June being the time I switched to a two-blog format) that number still looks impressive to me.

The dating format has been a surprisingly motivating way to keep me writing frequently, and the self-consciousness has been replaced with self-awareness which is much more useful for a hobby/endeavor like this.

Among other blessings (many come simply from writing frequently) I’ve been able to record both more of the every-day and stressful times (both were missed when I simply journaled), because I’ve trained myself to write regularly.

And in everything recorded I see repeatedly the unflagging faithfulness of our mighty God.

“If it were not for His mercy…”

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